Sara Allom | Creative Consultant
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And long ago I discovered that I’m really rather good with words which, on the one hand, meant I knew what I wanted to do in life as soon as I picked up a pencil but, on the other hand, meant that I was exceptionally frustrating to argue with.


Still, even if you don’t want to argue with one, everybody needs a wordsmith in their life at one time or another.


Because words are what make the money go round.


For every person, every company and every product.


More powerful than pictures. More committed than thought.

More. Words. Please.

What I Am.

I am a Creative Consultant.


Put very simply, that means I am a copywriter. I’ve got a degree in Journalism, so words are really my thing, but on top of my wordiness I have a passion for the kind of ideas that stop people in their tracks. The edgy strapline that makes the corners of your mouth turn up on a miserable Monday morning tube. Or the merchandising brainwave that makes you cross a rain-soaked street just to stare longingly in a shop window.


Maybe you need my words to paint you or your company a shiny new personality. Maybe you need them to weave you a tone of voice that you don’t yet have. Possibly you need them to speak to your customers in exactly the way they have come to expect (and thus make their loyalty to your brand even stronger).


And, when I’ve sewn some velvety words into the essence of the subject matter, well, then you might need someone to project manage the rest of the creative process for you too. Someone who can work with the graphic designers, developers, illustrators and printers, to turn a quiet little seed of a concept into a booming blossom of communication. Or a whispering one. Whichever is called for.

More. Words. Please.

What I Do.

Brochures & leaflets

Presentations, pitches & tenders

Creative concepts & mood boards

Websites & SEO

Social media & ghostwriting

Client, employee & stakeholder communications

Advertising & marketing campaigns

Press releases, newsletters & mailshots

Features, interviews & profiles

More. Words. Please.

The Clients.

Alastair Sawday’s, Allen’s of Mayfair, Alma Cafe, Anti-Slavery International, Benham Park, Bespoke Menu Design, Blue GFX, Box Technologies, BP, Casna Group, Chafford Park, Chinawhite, City Pub Company, Debbie & Andrew’s, Fig Cashmere, Flavourfeed, Food Story, Hampshire Cheese, Instaselfie, ISON Travel, Last Supper, Lorna Wing, Lucy Gemmell, Mr Fox, Nosh Detox, Pureprint, Randle Siddeley, Red Mist Leisure, Rhubarb, Rokwear, Scott Dunn, Sir Stanley Matthews Travel, SMI Group Ltd, Starberry, Synexus, Tinker Tailor, Tipsy Bean, Tower 42 Travel, Tucker Stone, Valentina, Vertu.

More. Words. Please.

More. Words. Please.

Contact Sara.


07968 953 845